If you are already happy with the content of your CV allow us to read and review it for you.
Our experienced professionals will be able to give you General feedback, an overview of how it looks and feels. Comments on formatting, white space, wording, order, and an explanation of descriptions which might need to be edited.


This simple service, uses our expertise in reviewing 1000's of CVs and hiring, to take a fresh pair of eyes and look at your CV. 
If you are happy with the content and just want someone to increase the white space, reorganise, possibly cut it shorter, and let you know if it needs areas to be added such as a personal profile or skills section for example.


Rather than simply reformatting, this service takes a detailed approach to your CV. We read each sentence and enhance it for grammatical accuracy, fluidity, attention grabbing, and professionalism. 
We ensure that lines are aligned, dates are presented in the same way and areas which could be reduced or elaborated are. This just mentions a few of our techniques, however as with all of these descriptions of services, we do a lot more.


We can build your CV into any style you like from our range of templates. Let us know the company or industry you are applying to, or are interested in, whether you like corporate, creative, or leave it up to us.
All you need to do is give us your experience in a word doc and we will return your fresh new CV or if you prefer a telephone call to explain your experience with a member of our team, then either way we will build this for you.


Our speciality is preparing you for a specific job. Just provide us with the job description, your CV and we will coach, train, role play with you and much more. We have an exceptional track record of job offers based on our skills and expertise, so let us help you secure that dream job or we can provide you with generic interview tips on presentation, greetings, confidence, answering questions, competency based, technical, and assessment days.


If you are an organisation who does not have a recruitment team or they are at full capacity, let our experts carry out interviews for you. PsycHR can carry out competency, technical and people interviews at any stage in the process. Ideally, all we need is the job title and description. PsycHR can develop a full interview or use your set questions and assessment criteria, we will always provide you with full interview notes and feedback.



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