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PSYCHR worked with this client strategically for over 12 months to support expansion into new territories; including Australia, Japan, Singapore, USA, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Lithuania, UK & Ireland.

We have supported the payroll and employee implications behind those changes, helped with operationalising payroll, streamlining processes, automation, improving data accuracy and enhancing communication with key stakeholders including Human Resources, Finance, Payroll Providers and International Authorities. 

We have also provided expert advice on People Cost, Budgeting, Furlough, Audits, Salary Sacrifice and Stock Options.

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We carried out research and data analytics to inform the company strategy; to attract, motivate, develop and retain this generation. We based our survey around 12 categories including Career Progression, Technology, Corporate Social Responsibility, Reward & Renumeration; this informed, policies, procedures, recruitment campaigns, technology investments, the culture around work life balance, and much more.

This project was highly praised by Managing Partner, Paul Eagland at the Global Annual Conference.

Later in the year we also worked on BDO DNA, which was the first D&I survey to understand the demographic make up of the company, the Attrition Analysis Trends and Profiling, Upwards Feedback, Consistency Meetings, and the 360 appraisal system.

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We are regularly approached by employers and employees alike to support on SA & without prejudice conversations. These could be around underperformance, claims of discrimination, bullying and harassment, occupational health or something else. Whenever a persons position in the company becomes uncertain it can be a risky and stressful time, and so it can be reassuring to have the support of PSYCHR.

Our employment law expertise can ensure that the right processes are being adhered to, write emails and letters, attend meetings where permitted, or coach you for conversations where a process does not allow the right to be accompanied by an industry professional. 

PSYCHR's approach is to asses a case independently and look for the fairest solution for both parties.

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We worked with this organisation to improve the performance review process and create a high performance culture. As part of this project we transitioned all paper appraisals to online, structured an annual appraisal calendar, built a step-by-step performance review process, carried out SMART Objective Setting training and company wide System Demonstrations. The change was crucial for creating metrics and rating scales which linked into salary reviews, more informed performance management, compliance assessments for FCA registered staff, and ultimately fostered a company success orientated workforce. 

Later we enhanced the appraisal system by building a Development Requests area; this allowed HR to identify skills gaps. We used this data to carry out a Training Needs Analysis for the organisation. This was pivotal to identify company wide training initiatives, training categories, and to plan the training budget and spend for the year.

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This client approached us as they were acutely aware of their current people cost. In our consultation we agreed that we would carry out a full assessment of their 450 circa workforce, their employment status, contracts and costs. 

We identified that most of their expense was on contract staff and agency fees. We set out a 3 month process to reduce agency margins, convert eligible temps to perms, and review and renegotiate agreements, which saved £103,600 per month on costs.

We were subsequently invited a year later, to carry out a company wide salary benchmarking, salary brackets with competency frameworks, and later supported with Gender Pay Gap reporting. 

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We were approached by a manager who was new to his role and due to feedback in his appraisals, was aware that his people and EI skills were areas for improvement.

Having eight direct reports, he felt that he had little influence and admitted that he may have not handled some situations in the best way. 

PsycHR coached the manager one-to-one on various skills including, communicating confidently, having difficult conversations, absence management, disciplinary, appraisals, motivating others, and one of our most popular and favourite courses "being human".

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We met Natural HR at the CIPD conference in 2019, and were invited to host a webinar which was live streamed to an audience of over 600 globally. The topic we presented was the controversial issue of Malingering; otherwise known as falsifying or exaggerating ill health to evade duty or work.

PsycHR covered how you might identify malingering, the process to investigate and handle suspected malingering, case studies, employment law, mitigating risk, and the impact on an organisation. We also carried out a live Q&A which is always exciting. 

The webinar broke numerous records for attendees and feedback ratings, and we are proud to say that we attracted audience members from the middle east, asia, and the oceania.

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We focused on Southeast England and worked with the Learning & Development Lead to create a succession plan for the region. This was commission by the management board and further lead to Career Road Mapping and Labour Market Analysis.

Over the next 5 months the company benefited from a more targeted People Strategy and focused efforts on development, recruitment and retention. 

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PsycHR provided blended training on Mental Health Awareness and Practical Skills for Managers. The training was specifically tailored to a laboratory environment and we listened to what the client needed.

We covered Awareness, Real life scenarios, Difficult conversations, Employment processes, Providing support, Practical management, Team and Resource management, the Law, and Cultural change.

We were highly praised on our ability to tailor the training so that it was relevant, and that the content was understandable and engaging. 

We are now in talks about the Social model of disability and Unconscious bias training.

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We have worked with HTB for almost one year and have provided one-to-one coaching for managers, one-to-one wellbeing sessions for employees, and designed company wide wellbeing strategies. 

One of our most unique and specialised training programmes was around Neurodivergent conditions such as Autism, Aspergers, Dyslexia and more. We provided Manager training on Understanding Neurodiversity, Performance Management, Adapting to Needs, Employment Law and much more.

Our wellbeing strategy surrounded their global presence including UK, USA, Canada and provided holistic approach to wellbeing services from mental health, nutrition, financial wellbeing, fitness, work-life balance and more. We are proud to have worked with this dynamic and forward thinking organisation.

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