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PSYCHR blends Psychology and Human Resources knowledge to provide training and consultancy services to workplaces.

We specialise in mental health for the workplace, and deliver workshops and seminars to employees, managers, senior managers and HR professionals. Our philosophy is to attract, develop, motivate and retain the right workforce to balance employee wellbeing and organisational productivity.

We also provide manager core skills training, such as communication, sales, negotiation and people management. As well as HR professional training on disciplinaries, investigations, unconscious bias and much more. PSYCHR also offer consultancy services for complex cases and project management.

PSYCHR have worked with many organisations to guide policies, procedures, carry out research, data analytics, and enhance operations and strategy.


Each month, we invite some of the brightest minds across the HR landscape to come and host a webinar to a large audience as part of Natural HR's HR Expert series. PsycHR delivered an insightful but practical session exploring 'malingering and mental health in the workplace'. And It's fair to say, they smashed it out the park. They broke numerous records set by previous guests and their session was highly received by leading HR professionals.

If you're looking for training on sought-after mental health topics or expert HR advice, look no further than PsycHR. 


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